Building Thought Leadership


Emulate is leading bold new product development of Organs-on-Chips technology with the potential to advance product innovation and improve human health across a range of industries including drug development, personalized health, food and consumer products.  On an ongoing basis, we work to identify platforms for Emulate to build its impact as a technology leader by speaking and interacting within its communities.  Forums for Emulate’s thought leadership include a keynote at WIREDHealth 2016, presentations at Xconomy and Fierce Biotech events, and collaborations with FDA and NASA agencies.


WIRED Health 2016

Dr. Geraldine Hamilton, Emulate

Want to Test New Drugs? Put a Fake Lung on a Chip


Science Flows From Space to Ground and Back

Emulate's adaptation of the Organ-Chips platform for future research investigations on the space station will further improve its products on Earth.


FDA Agrees To Evaluate Organs-on-Chips For Cosmetics, Food, Supplements Testing

While the product is still in testing stages, an FDA spokesperson toldInside Health Policy they hope the product will one day be used for regulatory decision-making.

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