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What We Do

We partner with leaders in life sciences and biotechnology to create and implement communication strategies that tell each client’s unique story for maximum impact with target audiences.

Our team is defined by two key attributes. We are highly experienced in the specialized field of life sciences, and we care about delivering results for our clients. We apply our skills to successfully translate science into compelling language and memorable visuals to portray the possibilities of your innovation for patients.

Our Approach


At the Yates Network, we apply the lens of the outside world to develop a sharp strategy at the center of every communications program. Our approach is grounded in a strong and differentiated market positioning as the foundation for driving momentum and creating value. Then, we implement creative tools and visibility programs that amplify compelling science and build industry leadership.

We work closely with a select group of clients – bringing our rigor and enthusiasm for delivering results.

Our Services
Our diverse services are customized to create unique communications programs and results for each client.
Corporate Brand, Messaging & Website
We live and breathe strategy for building a strong and distinct brand and position to communicate clear differentiation to stakeholders in the biotech and life sciences industry. More...
  • Corporate identity and logo design
  • Corporate positioning in the industry
  • Company messaging
  • Website design & development
Science & Value Story
We unlock your story’s power by crafting and visualizing a robust science and innovation story. Science is what sets you apart and is the foundation for clearly communicating your vision throughout all communications channels. More...
  • Therapeutic positioning in competitive landscape
  • Science & therapeutic messaging
  • Scientific infographics
  • Scientific animations & digital stories
Thought Leadership & External Engagement
We embrace the opportunities for proliferating your story. We activate today’s dynamic and multi-faceted communication environment that includes traditional, digital and social media. More...
  • Executive / thought leader programs
  • Perspective pieces and articles
  • Medical meetings & conferences
  • Media relations
  • Social & digital media
  • Industry connectivity & leadership
Corporate Visibility and Media Programs
We unlock your story’s power with expert content and insightful communications counsel, as we leverage every news milestones and reveal your progress to stakeholders. More...
  • News flow & corporate visibility planning
  • Press releases & materials
  • R&D communications
  • Clinical data communication
  • Issues management
  • Communications counsel
Creative Work
Impact on
Our Team
Behind each client success story is our seasoned team of professionals with skills across the spectrum of verbal and visual communications. Our team is set apart in our depth of science and business acumen, and we are motivated by a passion for innovation and excellence through decades working in the life sciences industry.
Barbara Yates

Barbara Yates established The Yates Network in 2000 with the aim to establish a consultancy to bring strategic communications ideas, media visibility, and passion to biotech companies who possess the science and people to make a major impact for patients. Barbara has more than 25 years of communications experience in roles as an internal corporate communications leader and as an external consultant – but, always with high-growth and start-up companies.

Barbara offers biotech clients a broad range of expertise and a vast professional network from her work in communications to the media, investors, regulators, physicians, and patient advocacy groups. She brings to a project team the unique ability to develop or enhance a strategy, and then fully integrate it with high-impact tactics and programs that achieve business results.

In her decades as a consultant, Barbara has worked for a wide range of clients from biotech companies, both private and public, as well as big pharma companies, like Pfizer and Astra Zeneca. Clients view her as a trusted advisor and team leader in ‘game changing’ scientific and business news, such as journal publications in Nature, JAMA, and NEJM; major partnering deals; and IPOs. Her experience spans most all therapeutic areas including oncology, CV, mental illness, neurological diseases, HIV/AIDs, infectious disease, endocrinology/metabolic disease, diabetes, inflammation, and rare disorders.

Prior to founding The Yates Network, Barbara served as Vice President of corporate communications in the US for Serono, Inc., as it emerged to become a major biotech company with multiple blockbusters and more than $1 billion in global product sales. With responsibility for Serono’s US public relations in all therapeutic areas, including multiple sclerosis, reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS, Barbara managed programs for media relations, patient advocacy relations, medical meetings and publications, and clinical trial communications.

Barbara has a BA from Cornell University. She earned a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Boston University.

Jessica Briggs

Jessica Briggs is an accomplished brand strategist and creative director who has successfully built brands in industries including biotech, real estate, hospitality, financial services, and healthcare. Jessica works with The Yates Network team on a wide range of services including ideation, strategy, branding, graphic design, logo development, website design and digital media.

Jessica was previously a partner, creative director and member of the board of directors of Trinity Communications, a prominent, 90-person, Boston advertising agency. She created and directed award-winning designs and marketing communications for brands such as Stride Rite, Fleet, Boston Private Bank, Bessemer Trust, Liberty Mutual, Le Meridien Hotels, Seaport Hotel, and Leading Hotels of the World.

While at Trinity Communications, Jessica dedicated a percentage of her time to doing branding and creative work for non-profit organizations, including the National Center for Community and Justice, an organization that promotes inclusion and acceptance with education and advocacy programs, and Jane Doe, Inc., an organization that supports victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Jessica was also a member of the board of directors for the Arts and Business Council, a not-for-profit organization supporting partnerships between corporations and arts organizations. Jessica graduated valedictorian from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Jennifer Fujii, PhD

Jennifer has over fifteen years of biotech and start-up experience. She completed a BS with honors at UC Berkeley and a PhD at MIT in chemical engineering with a focus on biomedical engineering. Following her PhD, Jennifer spent three years at the Boston Consulting Group working primarily in the healthcare practice area. She then worked with David Edwards at Harvard University and Medicine in Need, a start-up working to apply drug delivery solutions to improve treatment of endemic diseases of the developing world. Jennifer was a co-Founder of Sirtis Pharmaceuticals, working in business and corporate development. Following three years in business development at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, she co-Founded Civitas Therapeutics. Jennifer now consults for small and emerging biotech companies and works with The Yates Network.

Kathryn Morris

Kathryn Morris has more than 25 years of agency and corporate public relations experience. She has helped biotech companies reach their target audiences by connecting with reporters, building relationships with key publications and working the phones and e-mail to pitch news.

Kathryn’s media strategy and pitching projects have helped launch products and position companies for a multitude of high-visibility biotech clients. Kathryn has played a leadership role in the media outreach plans and placement for biotech and health care firms that include Alnylam, Momenta, Alkermes, Sirtris, Ortho McNeil, Novartis, National Women’s Health Resource Center, Amgen, Janssen, Serono, and Celgene.

The hallmark of Kathryn’s professional expertise is her strong rapport with media of all types, from the newswires and newsweeklies, to national newspapers, business publications, morning shows, news programs, and a variety of online media.

Earlier in her career, Kathryn built her base of media relations experience as a PR professional with Burson-Marsteller. Kathryn earned a bachelor of journalism degree from the University of Missouri, cum laude.

Mary Moynihan

Mary Moynihan applies more than 25 years of focused work in bioscience communications, journalism, and publication and graphic design to provide strategy, text and graphic content development, and website development expertise to clients of The Yates Network.

Mary has extensive experience working closely with biotech entrepreneurs and understands the unique challenges science-based startups face in developing corporate positioning and value propositions for products with long development timelines; keeping pace with shifting regulations on drug research; maximizing yield from limited resources; and winning the support of business, investor, and scientific audiences.

Mary’s past experience includes service as a PR/communications consultant to dozens of biotechnology companies and select research institutions. Prior to that, she was founding director of communications for the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, where she led public relations for the institute’s mission to advance basic research while partnering with industry to apply research in the areas of new drug development, protein engineering, agricultural biotechnology, and marine biotechnology. Earlier in her career, Mary served in corporate communications positions as well as editing positions at national and regional publications, developing expertise in communications strategy, positioning and message development, the practice of media relations from “both sides of the desk,” graphic design and typography, publication design and production, state legislative communications, and speechwriting.

Christine Quern

Christine has more than 25 years of experience in conceptualizing and implementing strategic communications programs to define and then leverage competitive strengths for biotech, pharma, device, diagnostics and B2B life sciences companies. With a graduate degree in cell biology and immunology, she is fluent in the foundations of her clients’ science and has a passion for translating that into compelling messaging, content, thought leadership platforms and campaigns to engage, influence and motivate audiences.

Christine has experience in all areas of external and internal communications including brand development, positioning and messaging, public relations, demand generation, scientific and marketing content development, website development and market research.

Anne Tsimboukis

Anne Tsimboukis has more than 20 years of experience as a designer, and has spent the majority of her career working with biotech companies to develop, launch and maintain brands. For the past ten years, Anne has worked with The Yates Network on a range of design projects, including websites, Powerpoint presentations and other materials.

Anne is uniquely qualified in understanding how to convey complex and sophisticated scientific concepts in designs that bring to life the stories of emerging biotech companies. Previously, Anne worked as an in-house designer for Millennium Pharmaceuticals where she played a lead role in the design for the corporate identify and visual communications materials during the exciting years of the genomics revolution, major partnering deals, and first product launch for Millennium. Anne earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Cleveland Institute of Art.

Our Clients
Select Clients
Alnylam is developing an entirely new class of innovative medicines based on a breakthrough discovery in biology known as RNA interference, or RNAi.
Baxalta is developing new treatments for people with rare diseases and underserved conditions with a focus on hematology, immunology, and oncology.
Emulate is using its Organs-on-Chips technology to create living products for understanding how diseases, medicines, chemicals, and foods affect human health.
WuXi NextCODE is a sequence-based clinical diagnostics company delivering a powerful solution to genome interpretation and big data challenges.
Concert Pharmaceuticals uses deuterium-based chemistry to create and develop highly differentiated new medicines by leveraging decades of pharmaceutical and clinical experience to reduce time, risk, and expense.
True North Therapeutics is a pioneering biotechnology company selectively inhibiting the Complement pathway for diseases of high unmet clinical need.
X4 Pharmaceuticals is developing novel therapeutics designed to improve immune cell trafficking and reverse immune suppression to treat cancer and rare diseases of the immune system.
XTuit is developing novel microenvironment-targeted therapeutics that act to silence activated stromal cells, turning off multiple pathogenic signaling pathways that drive disease in fibrosis and cancer.
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Arrakis Therapeutics is pioneering the discovery of a new class of medicines that directly target RNA, using proprietary platforms to identify new RNA targets and small molecule drugs for a range of diseases.
Navitor is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel medicines by targeting cellular nutrient signaling via the mTORC1 pathway.
Ribon Therapeutics is pioneering the discovery of new cancer medicines that target monoPARP proteins, critical regulators of cancer survival mechanisms.
Scholar Rock is discovering and developing a new class of biologic therapies that target disease-causing proteins in the microenvironment, resulting in therapeutic effects specifically at the source of disease.
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